15 Nov 2010

Boy racers steal laughing gas from hospitals to power sports cars Boy racer gangs have struck again by stealing canisters of laughing gas from a hospital – to use as ‘rocket fuel’ to boost their high-performance sports cars. A gang of 10 young men were spotted cutting a hole in the roof of a storage building at Ipswich Hospital, in Suffolk, before grabbing canisters of nitrous oxide. Thrill-seekers have been blamed for breaking into ambulance stations stealing cylinders of entonox gas which contains nitrous oxide and oxygen. When inhaled the nitrous oxide gas has a euphoric effect and is increasingly used across the UK as a recreational drug. It can also used as fuel to boost acceleration and performance of ‘boy racer’ cars producing greater speeds than... Read more

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15 Nov 2010

Tickets to the 2011 Top Gear Live Prototype Tour are On Sale NOW! Some shows are supposed to stay the same forever - Chicago, The Mousetrap, provincial pantomimes, that sort of thing. But some aren't and Top Gear Live is one of them. Unlike some faded-but-reformed 80's pop act, this is one show that doesn't do greatest hits, it just makes new ones and for 2011, the world's number one automotive theatre production is back with an earth-shattering bang! Read more

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12 Nov 2010

SOURCE: Hot4s Issue 200, DEC 2010. "HEALTH ASSESSMENT - Herman and Jimmy from Envy Dyno pulled out the magnificent engine to gain access to front strut towers for metal tubbing and body work of the Skyline. All auxiliaries, power steering, air conditioning, wiring, abs, partial drive train including gearbox, draft shaft and front pipe are all removed. It took them under 45 minutes to strip the engine bay and gearbox. The engine was examined prior the removal and compression tested. Results indicated good compression, sound engine condition and is therefore a good candidate for further modifications. Performance enhancement will be done in three stages. The first consisting of NISTUNE ECU, aftermarket in tank Wallbro fuel pump rated to 600 HP. Vehicle is run on the dyno prior to commencement of modifications and revealed 171 KW at the wheels. Stage 1 is expected to show a 50 KW improvement on the standard turbo to 220 KW." Read more.

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10 Nov 2010

THE-LOWDOWN.COM “Let’s be realistic, the obsession with wheel fitment and stance is more than just a passing fad. Like it or loathe it, it’s been the catalyst for a series of heated discussions on this forum and others around the world. Followers and devotees have spawned a fleet of dedicated fan-bases in a short space of time such as Stanceworks, Hellaflush, Rimtuck and Slamburglars to name a select few. The exact genesis of the trend is hard to pinpoint, with the essence of the style tracing back to several sources. For all intents and purposes, ‘Stance’ as it stands now is a fashion; it’s lineage does however have some roots in the practical use of wide wheels with low offset. It was commonplace decades ago in motor racing, and it has endured in motorsport as competitive racecars often benefit from..." Read more

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HOT4S ISSUE 200 on sale Oct 27

22 Oct 2010

Issue 200 is finally here. Who would’ve thought so many years ago we’d be hitting the double tonne figure! Over the years we’ve featured more than 3000 cars, 30,000 pages and 200+ girls. Bring on issue 300! Did you know there’s plenty of ways you can become a part of Hot4s? Read more

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15 Oct 2010

Source: Hot4s Issue 199, NOV 2010 - "HARD DECISIONS - The pieces are falling in place, and now the designers go wild with the credit cards! Over the past few months, we saw the iMODIFY R34 jump from one garage to another. From her home base in Sydney's Northern Beaches, to's HQ, then on to the compliance workshop for testing, tuning and engineering certification; and most recently to The Metalsmith's garage for the major metal work." (Hot4s issue 199, p121). THE NEXT STORY IS ALL ABOUT PERFORMANCE SO DON'T MISS OUT!! Read more.

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HOT4s Issue 199

24 Sep 2010

On the cover is the return of REXC; new car, new style, same sex appeal. Alongside the Brandy beauty is Felicia Fox - her girl feature is a must see! This issue we’ve got one of the best DVDs we’ve ever had bundled with Hot4s. We’ve put some of the finest girls in the world together with an array of epic rides and hit them up with all the questions you want answered. Get your copy to see some of the sexiest ladies come under the spotlight in our one on one interviews! Read more...

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02 Sep 2010

The long awaited countdown to rally superstar Ken Block’s Gymkhana 3 video has ended, and what was revealed today is a music video featuring a hip-hop group named The Cool Kids, with a little bit of Ken Block and his rally Fiesta sprinkled in. .......... The link:!

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HOT4s Issue 198 on sale now!

01 Sep 2010

What’s up readers! Finally, the latest issue of Hot4s is in your hands! Taking over our cover by storm is X Customs precision-finished Nissan Silvia S15. With the attention to detail, quality and that unmistakeable killer paintjob, the S15 looks like a manufacturer’s super special edition version, and that’s what the crew of X Customs had set out to do! The lovely Kira Brown was on hand to show us some of her Californian charms while perfectly complementing the slick Silvia on our cover. Not only that, we’ve dropped in an awesome poster book and a Hot4s key ring in this issue! You can now adorn your room, garage or even your folders/notebooks/flat surfaces with your favourite cover car; it’s that awesome.

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23 Aug 2010

Recently, were invited to get exclusively hands on with Australia’s first ‘Sharpie’ designed by HookItUp.Co. Whilst this trend has been quite big internationally, we’re yet to see it hit our shores here in the land down under. Read more...

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