14 Oct 2011

Join us at the iMODIFY Star Car Cruise this Sunday - there will be super hot Hot4s models handing a few out at the initial meet at Homebush, and then handing heaps out at Bateau Bay. Massive magazine giveaways going down!

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UPDATE: iMODIFY Star Car Cruise

10 Oct 2011

Here we are, less than 7 days away from the great Starlight Day - the iMODIFY Star Car Cruise 2011. Countless hours by many organisers and volunteers have shaped up the cruise event nicely. Cruise stickers, shirts, tanktops, banners, flyers, posters, balloons, showbags and other props are all made and ready for action this sunday. Sponsors donations and kind support all have been received and we are ready to rock and roll!

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07 Sep 2011

So, we're back with another newsletter to tell you all about our latest issue. Here is a taste of what you will find inside issue 212:

  • - Workshop lowdown
  • - Revolutionized RX-8
  • - Tweaked over the top 200sx
  • - L.A Dub Show
  • - Subtle Supra
  • - Naturally aspirated P-Plater fun
  • - Read more to view Hot4s issue 211 lineup!

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Ken Block Gymkhana World Tour

22 Aug 2011

A one-off Australian show on Saturday, September 3, then, Rally Australia with Monster’s Ken Block on the following Saturday, September 10, battling for supremacy in the toughest and most varied conditions on the planet. Read more to get a chance to win free tickets!

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WTAC 2011 Event Coverage

16 Aug 2011

The NZ Drift Team came to the World Time Attack Challenge with one goal in mind: to dominate. And dominate they did. One look at the order below tells the story, our Kiwi friends have the edge on us when it comes to drifting. Can the Aussies recover and make a come-back in 2012? We’ll just have to wait and see! Read more for the coverage of the 2011 WTAC.

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11 Aug 2011

So, we're back with another issue of HOT4s Magazine. Here is a taste of what you will find inside our latest issue - issue 211:

  • - Hot rod to retro S15 Silvias
  • - Clean and extreme WRX
  • - Cherry cola GTI-R
  • - Hardtuned QLD cruise
  • - Crazy euro-look Fiesta
  • - P plater pick up tips
  • - Read more to view Hot4s issue 211 lineup!

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eStore Version 1 Is Now LIVE!

08 Aug 2011

The first version of our eStore was made live on August 7th 2011 featuring our merchandising products, starting with the multi-coloured, multi-sizes stickers. Custom orders for stickers and branded clothing merchandises are also available and you could send your queries to More eStore categories and featured products will be available shortly.


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Honda CR-Z Mugen RR 2011

02 Aug 2011

This much hyped super vehicle is said to be the most eco-conscience and smartest race car ever built by Honda. Carbonfibre features, dangerously clever race computer, and it is a Hybrid car. The 2011 Honda CR-Z Mugen RR Concept has already been built and debuted in car shows around Europe!

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Website Features Launch - July 2011

01 Aug 2011

Over the past months, various types of website improvements have been made and features to increase ease-of use were implemented. We have seen steady and strong increase in traffic, new member registrations and number of feedback and ideas received from website members and guests. It is our pleasure to continuously improve the iMODIFY system to suit your taste and needs, whilst we have our eyes on developing essential and bigger site features - and achieve our ultimate goals for this website.

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WTAC 2011: Motive DVD/Nitto S14 200SX

27 Jul 2011

TIME-ATTACK WEAPON "JET 200" DEBUT: Anyone who has ever watched a Motive DVD will be familiar with the S14 project build dubbed “JET 200”. Andrew Hawkins is the man behind both the DVD production and the car and after three and a half years in the build, JET 200 is about to debut at the World Time Attack Challenge. The car was featured in the “Blood Sweat and Gears” TV show several years ago. Back then it was just a wild street car and nothing like the dedicated time attack weapon you see before you now.

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