Volkswagen E-Bugster Concept Car

11 Apr 2012

The Beetle! - it is the successor to an automotive icon. The new car is considered the sportiest Beetle ever. Now Volkswagen is showing, in an Asian premiere at Auto China in Beijing, how this sportiness can also be transferred to a Beetle with pure electric drive.

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iMODIFY R34: Hot4s Editorial P3

30 Mar 2012

"A concept is when an idea is created on paper or a computer screen about the finished overall look/design of a particular vehicle. The cars’ colour, the type of wheels, changes to the bodywork, the interior design: a concept can affect as much or as little on a car as you choose. The concept for the Skyline is an original and ground-breaking effort." Simon Shaw - The Metalsmith

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21 Mar 2012

Issue 219 drops on 21/3, so what do we have in store for you?

  • - 2SUS genuine Mitsubishi Evolution VI TME edition
  • - Hot4s hottie Ally
  • - Tough streeter RX-3
  • - TA22 Celica packing a huge snail
  • - Weekender WRX
  • - Killin’ it in a Kombi
  • - International renown Minty Zed
  • - Retro RX-7
  • - Hot4s beach party
  • - Hellaflush Japan
  • - iMODIFY R34 Build Story: Part 7

Plus a whole lot more!

Keep modifying!
The Hot4s Team

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09 Mar 2012

A new facebook page has been created since we were unable to get rid of the text "New Official Page" from the title. So the facebook page entitled "iMODIFY" is now up and running, and the old one will be deactivated soon. Check out the new page -

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22 Feb 2012

So, we're back with another newsletter to tell you all about our latest issue. Here is a taste of what you will find inside issue 218:

  • - World’s best KE30 Corolla?
  • - Hot4s hottie and reality TV star Sarah
  • - P-plater dream Lancer
  • - 1300 hyper wagon
  • - Entertaining Escort
  • - Retro Rex
  • - Gulf racing bB
  • - Long Beach JCCS
  • - 2012 Paint guide
  • - MKVI Golf R thrashed!
  • - Secret Sydney Cube meet
  • - iMODIFY R34 Build Story: Part 6
  • + Plenty more!

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iMODIFY R34: Hot4s Editorial P2

13 Feb 2012

As with any major body modifications we undertake, legality and safety are always foremost in our minds. iMODIFY’s project Skyline called for full ADR compliance. With the ongoing dilemma of 'Hoons Crackdown' modified car owners are feeling the squeeze financially and mentally with the restrictions of allowable build process in modifying their vehicles. No different to us, we had to get an engineer involved every step of the way!

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Nissan Joins V8 Supercars Championship

09 Feb 2012

The Japanese car giant will take on Holden and Ford in next year’s championship – the first run under new ‘Car of the Future’ rules. Nissan is returning to the sport from which it was banned in 1993 after its all-wheel-drive GT-R coupe dominated the series in 1991 and 1992 to earn the nickname ‘Godzilla’.

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WTAC: Exhibitor Spaces Now Open!

03 Feb 2012

Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge: "We want people walking around the pits at the World Time Attack Challenge to be hit with a bevy of the absolute best tuning products available anywhere, all in the one place with technicians on hand from the respective companies to answer any questions and providing valuable advice."

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25 Jan 2012

So, we're back with another newsletter to tell you all about our latest issue. Here is a taste of what you will find inside issue 217:

  • - Show-spec Evo VI
  • - Hot4s Hustle BMW
  • - VW Buggy bailin'
  • - Vicious Varietta
  • - Retro CRX
  • - iMODIFY Star Car cruise
  • - 2012 interior guide
  • - S2000 chop shop
  • - Keep your car cool this summer
  • + Plenty more!

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Hot4s Coverage: iMODIFY Star Car Cruise

02 Jan 2012

Don't miss Hot4s' Summer Issue - on sale 25/1/12! Estimated 1,300 cars attended and over $13,000 raised for Starlight Children's Foundation - the day could not have gone any better! And this was our very first cruise... Wait till we organise the next Star Car Cruise - be sure to get more involved and hit the new record!

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