iMODIFY Star Car Cruise #2 - Dec 8

16 Oct 2012


In Partnership With Starlight Children's Foundation.

2012's iMODIFY Star Car Cruise has been planned for the 8th of December - a couple of weeks shy from the front cover feature of the iMODIFY R34 project car in Hot4s agazine. We have taken the event management standard to a whole new level - with all legal permits, serious traffic management and security teams in place, professional on-site crew, as well as a handful of volunteers from a number of key NSW regions.

The first iMODIFY Star Car Cruise event saw 1,300+ cars in attendance and $13,000+ collected on the day with 100% of proceeds donated to Starlight Children's Foundation. We also received a relatively high number of sponsors and supporters contributing product samples, merchandising items, coupons, hype advertising, promotional exposure and more. Some of the companies:

  • - Hot4s Magazine
  • - MotorActive Meguiar's
  • - AutoStyle
  • - Ozzy Tyres Moorebank/Top Class Tyres
  • - Bunnings Warehouse
  • - Coke-aCola (Amatil)
  • - V Energy Drinks
  • - Event Cinemas
  • - National Rugby League
  • - Mars Snackfood Australia
  • - Krispy Kreme
  • - McDonald's
  • - BridgeClimb Sydney
  • - Captain Cook Cruises
  • - And more...


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cruise donation slip2 (2).jpg


Hot4s Magazine's 5-page feature:

"A well organised charity cruise that ticked all the boxes..."
"A collaboration between iMODIFY, Hot4s and a range of other supporting businesses and organisations..."
"I was again reminded why I love being a part of this scene"
"Excited about the volume and quality of the cars that had turned up"
"A multitude of local cruising clubs, forum fanatics and workshop crews... providing a great melting pot of cultures, car styles and attitudes"
"... the Star Car Cruise was a great success... we are surely looking forward to next year..."


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For the December 8th event, we will ensure that meet point locations are managed properly this time - with the parking authority informed and paid for in advance, trained staff members and volunteers are present for all parking, donation and cruise activities. Participating cars shall leave at one time - and cruise together to final destination with no issues.

The event venue for 2012 will be announced shortly, and we will ensure that the final destination can hold more cars and that local authorities and the police are notified. This time around we will make sure that all legal permits are acquired, traffic management and security crew are in place - ensuring a smooth and more successful event in 2012.



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If you are interested in joining as a volunteer - click here

If you are a business and interested in becoming a sponsor/supporter of the upcoming NSW event - click here

We have drawn up a few sponsorship packages for all business types and sizes to take part in this event - whether you are interested in promoting your car club, new products, demonstration of services, or simple branding exercise at all levels.

There are a number of exposure types available for sponsoring/supporting businesses:

  • - Branding on flyers and banners of the event
  • - Inclusion of promo items in the cruise showbags
  • - Trade display marquees and stand up banners at the venue location
  • - Exposure within the official online and print media coverage of the event

Download the sponsorship information here.

These sponsorship packages will further boost the donation level to the Starlight Children's Foundation.

The next newsletter update will include venue location, meet point locations in NSW, locked in sponsors and general information regarding the December 8th cruise.

Join the Facebook event page here.

Regular updates will be available on our Facebook page.

We hope to see you all there again!!


 - iMODIFY Team

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